100 Greatest Cycling Climbs is a great book detailing some of the biggest, best, and most scenic cycling climbs in the UK.

However to my knowledge there no way to see the full list climbs and Strava segments without trying to cross-reference the list of climbs with Strava (which has an awful search function!). I wanted a quick and easy way to see which climbs could be found in the local area and how much effort would be required to climb them - so I made the following interactive map. Click on any of the climbs to see the Strava segment.

As an added bonus I've added the climbs from Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs which are coloured in green.

To see how this was made check out my blog post.

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Note: Segments may not show up on mobile/small devices as Strava's widgets are not ready for the modern web


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